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What Are the Top Christmas Presents

If you are wondering what are the top Christmas presents you have come to the right place. Christmas presents vary each year, due to fashion, latest films, new gadgets in the market, new needs that need to be met, family income, business etc. There are lots of factors that determine what makes a product more successful each year. Many people ask around for Christmas present ideas as they don’t want to fall into the “guys who buy the same thing every year for everyone” category.  (socks, pens, watches, chocolates, books and ties!). Those have slowly become secretly unwanted Christmas presents. Are you one of these “recurrent Christmas present person” within your family? Oh, no! There’s my auntie giving me a book again this year… aargh! And… she doesn’t even realize it’s the same book!!

People need to change their mindset when it comes to a Christmas present. Use your imagination; think of what YOU would like people to give YOU. Are you the type that goes for homemade Christmas presents? Or do you, on the other hand prefer the best Christmas presents in the market? What about cheap toys online? Yes, it is all about how much you can spend or have budgeted for. But, whatever the weather I am sure you can accommodate to people’s needs. Be original. Give people what they want, or at least try to please them as much as your pocket and imagination allows. We all want to feel different and unique. So, what are the top Christmas presents? Well, the top Christmas presents are the ones that are very well thought of and that caters for each and every individual in particular.

Use lateral thinking as that will help find Christmas presents that really hit the limelight with your family and friends. Here are a few tips:

- Don’t wait till the last minute. Start buying your presents months in advance. I know, it sounds a bit extreme, but IT DOES WORK. Plus you will be able to save yourself a bit of money.

- Yes, save money as if you buy your presents in the month of December they are bound to be A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE. Shops know that people are desperate and they DO make a lot of money from last minute Christmas presents seekers. Beware.

- Watch out for after summer sales. Do a list of the people, friends and family you are buying Christmas presents for. Right down next to the list how much money you can afford for each Christmas present. Shop.

- If you want to save even more money, check online. Places like Ebay, Amazon, etc will most probably have what you are looking for. You will end up paying a lot less for your Magic The GatheringBattle Strikers Tournament Set or that special Hanging Jewelry Organizer you’ve been looking for. Avoid the expensive stores and place your order well before hand over the internet!

- Wrap your Christmas presents thoughtfully and carefully. Add a small note or Christmas greetings telling the person how special they are for you. Believe me, there is not better gratification than seeing the other person’s face lit up when they unwrap your very well thought off Christmas present!

- Ask your beloved ones what they think such and such would like or is expecting this Christmas. It will save you tons of wasted time!

- Add a “touch” to your Christmas presents. When your family is open the parcels you have so lovingly wrapped for them, come out with a bottle of champagne (or cava if you are on a low budget) to celebrate. It will generate lots of smiles!

So, what are the top Christmas presents? Let’s have a look at what other presents have been successfully sold:

- Cupcake makers, Star Wars merchandise (especially the Clone Trooper Voice Changer), all sorts of Baby born, Walle merchandise, transformers, Cars merchandise (I see a pattern here with Pixar films!; so keep that in mind).

- Power Rangers, the Indiana Jones Hat, everything to do with the “High School Musicals, Barby dolls, Go Diego Go Toys, My Little Pony, Bratz Girls, everything to do with Hannah Montana (films, merchandise, etc), Disney toys, films and merchandise, Bob the Builder and Rubik’s Cube. (Yes, that cube still sells like mad!)

There you have the top Christmas presents in 2008. Now, do your list, fire up your imagination, take into account how much money can you spend, find out what your beloved friends and family REALLY want and please, please move away from the usual boring Christmas presents.

And, most of all, enjoy your shopping experience! My motto? “Shop with Love”. There.

Ready for your Christmas Greetings this Year?

Another year, another Christmas, another chance to impress with your Christmas greetings. What are your thoughts this time… Christmas card greetings…? eCards? Maybe you want to go for something a little more special? Whatever your choice, let’s have a look at what could be your favorite Christmas greeting sayings this year!

The Traditional Way

Well, it is all about not forgetting your friends, family and people you care for. There is nothing like the traditional Christmas greeting card, printed or handmade. It shows people you have taken the time and effort to find a card that is JUST for them, with dedicated Christmas greeting sayings that are personalized. That has been the traditional way (as opposed to ecards) for a long time and it proves to be the best way of letting them know how much you care!

Christmas Ecards

The advantage of sending Merry Christmas greetings through the internet is the immense variety of choice. Many of these greetings are not available in the retail stores and can be very original. Another advantage is the amount of space for you to write your Christmas greetings; virtually unlimited! You can use them to write personal stories, long messages and much more. It is also easy to find free Christmas greetings on the internet if you are on a tight budget; as usually we find ourselves sending Christmas greetings to a vast amount of people!

Finally, online Christmas greeting cards get updated with fabulous and new designs ALL THE TIME. Opening a link in your email address might not be as personal as receiving your card through the post, but it definitely let’s the person know you haven’t forgotten about them.

Personally, what I do every year is send Christmas greetings cards to the people closest to me and then email others like work colleagues, friends parents and even my landlady! She loves it.

Other Form of Christmas Greetings

If a Christmas greeting card,  ecard or business greeting card is not your thing, try something different this year.

- Personalize your Christmas greetings: send unexpected gifts. Something simple but effective will do (a Christmas stocking, a Father Christmas doll, different kinds of toys, etc)

- Money. Put a little bit of money – it doesn’t have to be much! – into a savings account and put the bank statement in a card.

- Yard sales. You can find literally hundreds of inexpensive little gifts.

- Have a friend who is also a graphic designer? Ask them to design something special this year and create your own Christmas card greetings.

- Create your own Christmas wreath and pin photographs of your family. Display above your fireplace.

Whichever way you decide to go for your Christmas greetings this year, don’t forget to tell people the most important thing of all: how much you really love and care for them!