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Find Your Christmas Party Ideas Here!

Christmas is a great time of celebration with both family and friends. It is the time of the year when most people can relax and at the same time enjoy themselves with their nearest and dearest, for a few days/weeks anyway! Many people look for Christmas party ideas to spend the time together at home, just enjoying themselves although there are many ways in which people celebrate the holiday season, whether it be dressing a spruce in decorations, sending cards or even going on Christmas holiday for some winter sun.

To get the ball rolling, Christmas greetings cards should always be bought as early as possible to avoid the postal rush, or, to save just a bit of money, buy them after the holiday when they are cheap and just send them the following year. Xmas presents also don’t need to be a last minute rush. You could buy small presents for the kids over the twelve preceding months. If possible, try to save some cash up for November, because there is always going to be one or two toys that will be on sale that every child will want. Decorations can be inexpensive, if you have children you can have fun making your own and they make perfect keepsakes. You could also use charity shops or thrift stores to look for good bargains which won’t break the bank.

Christmas parties can be a nightmare to organize. The planning and preparation that goes into them can be time consuming. Here are a few suggestions that may interest you if it is you who is hosting this year.

Kids Christmas Party Ideas

Depending on age these parties can be affordable. For the younger children you could throw a fancy dress or themed party. You could make little invitations with your children for their friends out of colored card, glitter and any other little bits you might have laying around the house. Fancy dress and themed parties don’t need to be expensive, with themes such as pirates, witches, wizards and vampires all being popular now, you could ask the other kids parents to dig out their kids Halloween outfits for the occasion. You could also make it a lot easier if that is too much hassle by having a party with face paints, (which are reasonably priced) music and games such as blind mans bluff or musical chairs (make sure you have enough seats though). Christmas party game ideas don’t need to be too extravagant, kids will be kids and will always enjoy having their friends over.

Teenagers are a bit more complicated. A lot of people now use different activities for teenagers such as paintballing or hiring out a function room with a DJ. These can be expensive but teenagers generally are. Themed parties are fine as long as they’re allowed to choose the theme. Craft party ideas could be suitable, for some teens. Learning a new craft or skill could be interesting for example; dressmaking, carpentry or even how to change a car tire, it may come in useful depending on what career they want in later on in life.

Christmas  Party Food Ideas

There are a lot of foods you could use for your Christmas party. The best way to judge it is by who you’ll be catering for. Children are easy to feed with sandwiches, sausage rolls and maybe a cake. Kids don’t usually like sitting down and eating when friends are over, they’d rather play so don’t make huge amounts as a lot will probably be left over. If you do have lots of food left over you could purchase small goodie bags from your local convenience store and give them out at the end of the party. As for adults why not try something different this year, instead of the predictable vol-au-vents and cold meats. You could have a tapas night or even an oriental style buffet (it might not be worth having a meal if your guests are in the party mood). If you like to cook and have always wanted to learn a new cuisine like Spanish, Chinese or Thai why not try it yourself? There are many cookbooks to choose from in all price ranges (you might want to try the recipes at home first in case they are harder than expected).

Office Christmas Party Ideas

When it comes to company Christmas party ideas it might be a good policy to change venues every year. We all know how it easy it is to drink too much at these types of parties and avoiding this could be something we should look for. How about hosting a party somewhere different that is not the office – maybe a restaurant, a social club, a hotel reception or a farm in the countryside. Anything to get the office workers out of their environment.

If you are looking for Christmas party game ideas for adults why not try a casino night with poker, blackjack and roulette (no money need change hands). It could be a good way of team building as well as a fun night out or even charades (that can be fun a bit later in the day).

Looking for Vintage Christmas Decorations?

If you are looking for vintage Christmas decorations to adorn your tree this festive season a good idea is to start at your Grandmothers house, but failing that retro decorations especially the later years from about the1960′s onwards can often be picked up at garage sales or thrift shops and of course on line auction sites. If you are looking for vintage style Christmas decorations however most mainstream stores have some excellent reproductions you can buy quite cheaply. A classic vintage Christmas decoration has to be door wreathes which can always be reproduced easily especially if you are lucky enough to be creative or have a traditional florist nearby.

Ideas for Ideas!

For ideas on vintage Christmas decorating, look on line or get some old books or magazines of the era, often childrens book have the best illustrations for this kind of thing. Remember getting the box of decorations out of the attic, the old brightly colored crepe paper garlands that we used to twist and hang from the corners of the room? Then along came the expanding bells and hanging paper lanterns, all carefully put away year after year. If only we have all saved those beautiful glass baubles they would now be vintage Christmas tree decorations. In those days though everything was so fragile and we did not have central heating and other modern luxuries that help to keep the ornaments and other delicate items in tip top condition.

There are many collectors of antique decorations and these can really be quite costly and often need such care to retain the perfect condition they are in it is not practical to dangle them from the branches, they can however be carefully presented in cabinets or glass cases on the sideboards or shelves of your home. Christmas tree toppers can usually be found with relative ease as can some glass baubles, but when it comes to candy boxes and paper mache they can deteriorate quickly if not stored and handled with great care.


You may not connect lights with being particularly vintage as if you are older you can probably remember the first set the family ever purchased and the trauma of finding which bulb needed replacing every year. Vintage Christmas lights are still around however though you may want to get an electrical contractor to check them out or even to totally rewire them, as the dangers of faulty tree lights and older outdoor string lights are known to the older generation as fire hazards. You may find it easier to buy some 1950′s style reproduction lights or go for the Victorian look and have Christmas candle effect lights. There are so many styles of lights available nowadays everyone can have the style they require with a little searching.

The Next Generation

To ensure the next generations have some vintage Christmas greetings to remind them of generations past invest in a few classic Christmas ornaments or decorations in bone china, glass or crystal and hand them out as Xmas gifts or cherish them through the years before passing them down to loved ones.

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