No Christmas party would be complete without a set of fun Christmas party games!  Whether you need games to keep children occupied, or games that would entertain a room full of adults, there are plenty of options out there.  Here are a few crowd pleasers that are sure to be a hit:

Ornament Relay:  You need a bigger space for this one (It works great for Church Christmas parties).  Start by dividing the participants into two even teams.  One person from each team is the starter.

Pile round plastic balls in two buckets, one for each team.  You can do this race with ornaments, but plastic is best to avoid broken glass everywhere.  Red and green balls work great!  This is the home base.  The number of balls should only be what one person could carry awkwardly, usually around 15.

The starter should start at the home base.  When the whistle blows, he or she should race across the room, fill his hands with all of the balls, and race back to the team.  Give the balls to the next person, who runs to the home base and deposits all the balls and runs back.

The next person in line has to run to the home base, gather up all the balls, and run back with them.  If she accidentally loses any balls, she has to go back and get them before continuing on with the race.  She should give them to the next person in line, who returns them to the home base.  Continue until everyone on the team has had a turn.

The winner is the team who gets all the members to carry balls across the room one time.


Christmas Charades:  This twist on a classic is always fun.  Write down Christmas activities like stuffing a turkey, writing Christmas greetings,  wrapping gifts, hanging stockings, brainstorming Christmas party ideas, ect.

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Unwrapping Race:  Did you ever race to see who could unwrap their presents the fastest?  This race will bring back those childhood memories.  Take a series of boxes that are small, medium, and large.  Wrap the smallest one and place it inside the medium one.  Wrap the medium one in a way that’s harder to unwrap, using more tape and ribbons.  Place this one inside the large one.  Wrap the largest box in multiple layers of wrapping paper and use duct tape.  Make it really hard to unwrap.

Then, divide the attendees into groups.  Each member of the group will have thirty seconds to try to unwrap the box.  At the end of the time limit, the team with the box or boxes that is unwrapped the most wins.  You can make it even more fun by having prizes inside the smallest box for the winners (or for everyone, if that’s how you roll!)   If you’re stuck for ideas for prizes, make sure you check out Gift Ideas for Christmas.  You can also find some awesome gift ideas for everyone on your list there.