At Christmas, buying gifts for our loved ones is important. It is often not so much what we pay for a present but the thought that went into it that counts. Then again, getting something expensive that we want is always very nice too! In the run up to Christmas 2010, I knew exactly what I would be buying for both my father and my brother. Earlier in the year I had ordered a 3rd generation Amazon Kindle reader for myself. Gadgets are popular Christmas gifts. However, I always worry about buying something that is cool, but then hardly gets used. We all have examples of this type of item in our homes from personal electronics to kitchen appliances. This is not the case at all with the Kindle reading system.

Amazon state themselves on their own website that the Kindle reading device is their bestselling item. So we know that this means they literally sold millions of units prior to Christmas. Anyone who enjoys reading books would have loved to receive one. There are a number of reasons why one of these devices may appeal to you. The screens have an amazing display that is unlike any computer that you have ever seen. It uses an electronic paper display rather than having an LCD screen like regular computers. The battery can last for up to a month between charges if you keep the 3G connection turned off. Also, you can use the Kindle reader to download hundreds of thousands of free out of copyright books. Owning one of these gadgets means that you can save yourself an awful lot of money on book purchases.

So what is in store for Christmas 2011? The story so far with regards to the Amazon Kindle is that one is released every year or so. Since the latest version came out on 27 August 2010 there is a fair chance that the Kindle 4 reader will be out in time for Christmas later this year. If, as expected, it offers both a color screen and touch capabilities then we know for a fact that it is going to be a hugely successful item.

The price will certainly make a bit of a difference with regards to just how many Kindles are sold at Christmas time. At the moment the cheapest version costs just over $100. Consumers obviously hope that the price they have to pay is as low as possible.

An Amazon Kindle hand held reading device makes an excellent Christmas gift as long as the following two conditions are met. Firstly, that the person that you are giving it to enjoys reading, and secondly, that you can afford it.

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