If you are looking for the best toys for 1 year old children, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. The biggest concern when doing shopping for children of all ages is to make sure that the present you decide to purchase is age appropriate. At the young age of 1, children have that horrible habit of putting anything and everything in their mouth. Of course, this is a bad thing as you do not want to be responsible for any little one’s choking, now do you?

With that being said some of the best Xmas presents that will bring a smile to the little one in your life can generally broken up into 4 major categories. These are:

1) Plush Toys

2) Clothing

3) Shape Sorters

4) Stacking Toys

There are of course more choices but when we are thinking about bringing some added joy to the Christmas holiday, these will probably be your best choice. Just imagine the smile on the little one’s face as they receive the most adorable little stuffed animal. The smile and the joy on the child’s face will often be captured on the Christmas video, and you can enjoy watching the precious moment for years to come. If you are wondering what are the top Christmas presents for children in this age range, the answer will usually be some small plush toys. These stuffed animals offer something for the child to play with as well as rest their head on it when they are just so tried out.

The same way Christmas greetings make people “happy”. Toys for 1 year olds also provide stimuli to the mind. Think of shape sorters and stacking toys, which also make great Christmas presents. These toys will promote early learning and can help to shape the child in the years to come. That is a great present and would be a great feeling to have as well, wouldn’t you love to know that the present that you have bought for the little one in your life has helped to get their little brains in motion. Just always make sure that there is no choking hazard with any present you buy a small child.

Clothing as well can make the most excellent gift, as children at this age are growing so fast it is hard to keep up. Clothing is always a wonderful choice, and you could get the child a theme related outfit for the Christmas holidays as well. So when it comes down to best toys for 1 year old children the bottom line is simple, anything that will put a smile on the child’s face will make a wonderful present.

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