Millions of business Christmas cards are sent every year as a thoughtful gesture to companies’ clients. A well thought of business Christmas card will improve your sales as customers feel they are being “taken care of”. But companies sometimes use this marketing strategy to very low effect, as they send impersonal and cold Christmas business cards that get piled up with the rest of the junk mail and, eventually, thrown away without a second glance. Let’s have a look at a few guidelines that will help you succeed with your business Christmas greetings cards this year.

The first thing you should keep in mind is to remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Sometimes, a general greeting does the job nicely without having to add the word “Christmas” on your card. There are many saying you could add to your business Christmas cards that don’t involve mentioning this very particular festive word or other words that relate to it. Still, be thoughtful when mailing your cards and give them a “company personal touch”.

Portray your business accurately in your cards by using the appropriate logo, corporate colors and fonts. You want your clients to “recognize” your business straight away and give them the warm feeling of having been remembered. Take care of the design you choose for this season. Be general but affectionate, incorporating within your business Christmas cards all your branding and marketing strategies.

Timing is a key factor. It is a well known fact that Christmas cards should be sent between the first and fifteenth day of the month (December). If you are sending personalized printed cards do order them well in advance (mid-October at the latest). They do take time to be sent to you, so keep that in mind. When posting your business Christmas cards to other business, make sure you find out when their holiday season starts as you could find yourself sending cards to a company that works reduced hours during this time of the year, or worse, or no hours at all!

Being personal is being thoughtful. Treat your business Christmas cards the same way you treat any greeting card you send your friends and family. Personalize the cards with your own signature (or ask a member of your staff), a hand-written envelope and a stamp. Just these three important details will make your card stand out from other businesses that “don’t have the time” to spend on the “little things that don’t matter”. They do matter to your customers as they want to feel remembered and businesses should never forget that.

Display around your office all the different business Christmas cards your company has received this year. It will definitely give a positive feeling to the rest of the staff as well as personally satisfying those who have spend the time and made an effort to send them to you.

Differentiate your business from the others. Send your business Christmas cards thoughtfully and on time, and be one step ahead from the competition. It will be time well spent and an investment for the year ahead. You want your customers to remember you, and they are very much likely to forget if you don’t remember them first!

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