When you start considering Christmas presents for the family Christmas books are always welcomed if chosen with care. A Christmas Carol whilst a classic Christmas book that should not be overlooked, is not the best choice for everyone.

The Christmas book you choose has to be the right one for the individual. You probably remember the disappointment of tearing the wrapping of your present and being presented with a book that held absolutely no interest for you at all.

Making your selection

For the person that has everything selecting a present is always so difficult. You could try The utterly utterly merry comic relief Christmas book, not only will it bring a smile to the most miserable face it will help a very worthy cause. Vintage Christmas books are also worth looking into. It does not have to be a costly first edition, it could be an old annual associated with the receivers childhood or teenage years, such as The Bunty Book or The Beano.

Childrens books

Christmas books for kids are great fun to choose, it may be worth popping into Borders and checking out the best Christmas books for children. Allow plenty of time though; you may be surprised how engrossed you get! Kids Christmas books are such fun to choose and there really are books for every child, including special needs books and books for babies. A name worth checking out online before you go to the store is Jan Brett. The classic baby Jesus story is usually very popular with youngsters, and reminds us all what Christmas is about. Also don’t forget that not everyone celebrates Christmas so you may want to look at Hanukkah books to ensure you include other faiths in your plans.

Creative ideas

Christmas craft books are another classic, which can be useful for the run up to Christmas also. Christmas ornaments books are another good idea for the crafty folk in your life, remember you don’t have to wrap it until The night before Christmas and no-one need know you dipped into the book for ideas, prior to giving it as a gift.

Adult books

A Christmas book for a close friend or family member is probably easier to select as Christmas novels fill the shelves. Look for a new book by an author they love, you really can’t go wrong. Or reference other books in the same genre to introduce a new author to your loved one. It may be a good idea to keep the receipts though, just in case they have the book duplicated, or you really got it wrong. Christmas stories are highly topical so also look around for titles that reflect the time of year.

Alternative books
Barnes and Noble have a range of ebooks or electronic book, a book published in electronic form. Perfect for the media mad younger generation, for adults or children ebooks are worth checking out online, because you won’t find them on the shelves. You can involve the relative or friend that would not usually consider reading by being inventive with your selection.

Selecting Christmas books online mean the gift can be sent directly to the recipient or delivered to your home. Check to see if a gift wrapping and personalised message service are included in the service. Sometimes a small cost is added, often particularly when sending gifts abroad it is worth the small extra outlay.

When you make your present list remember Christmas books can be a joy that will pass from hand to hand, generation to generation and really are a sound investment.