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Understanding Christmas in Japan Traditions

Many Christmas in Japan traditions exist, and they are celebrated throughout much of that country. Here are a few examples of Japanese culture at work.

Christmas Greetings:

Christmas in Japan Traditions

photo by Danny Choo

Christmas Greetings are large aspects of the Japanese culture. Here are a few different forms of traditional Japanese Christmas greetings:

  • Merry Christmas:
    • A popular Christmas greeting, at least for those who celebrate Christmas in Japan, is “Meri Kurisumasu,” which means Merry Christmas. This is what they wish each other on Christmas Eve, which is when the people of Japan celebrate Christmas, instead of on December 25th.
  • Different Ways to say Happy New Year:
    • Of course, how we wish each other a happy new year around Christmas time also differs for the Japanese. There are a few different ways to wish someone a happy new year in Japan. You could say, “Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu,” or some other form of popular greeting.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas in Japan Traditions 2

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Another popular tradition among a variety of cultures is the giving of xmas gifts. Japan is no exception to this famous tradition either. Here is how they do things in Japan:

  • Receiving the Presents:
    • Christmas presents are not necessarily given by family members. In America, we believe in Santa Clause, who gives the children presents. In Japan, Santa is known as “Hotei-osho,” who is basically a Buddhist monk equal to Santa.
  • Presents for Loved Ones:
    • If a couple is together, the man typically buys the woman in his life something romantic like a teddy bear, flowers, a scarf, a ring, or other types of jewelry. Friends also exchange greeting cards during Christmas.

Christmas Cards

People do give each other Christmas cards in Japan, although these are mostly exchanged among friends. Typical Christmas card messages consist of things like Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and other elements of that nature. They are quite similar to American Christmas cards.

Christmas Symbols

Christmas in Japan Traditions 3

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Perhaps the most important Christmas symbol is Hotei-Osho, the Japanese Equivalent of Santa Clause. However, there are a few other Christmas symbols that hold meaning to the Japanese people around Christmas time:

  • Artificial Christmas Trees:
    • For decoration, the Japanese also put an artificial Christmas tree in their home to add a festive element to the season.
  • Nativity:
    • For people who believe in Jesus, the Japanese do tell the story of the Nativity. This is widely recognized, at least by some people, just like in America.

Christmas in Japan traditions are an important part of the holiday season, and are very similar to the Christmas traditions celebrated in all parts of the world.

Christmas Greetings – Christmas Card Sayings

It’s time to think of Seasons Greetings and other Christmas card sayings and dittos to write the messages in all the cards that you will be sending out to all in sundry this time of year. If you make your own Christmas cards, and you may well want to utilise the new computer technologies and home printers available today. Many of you will be turning your hand to producing your own stylish individual designed offerings and you are probably looking for wording or Christmas greeting card sayings to pop into them to make each one personal but the question is where do you start to look?

Move Away From Tired Greetings

There are many standard Christmas sayings for cards which you can always fall back on but you will probably be looking for inspiration and ideas to convey your wishes in a more original way than just the standard festive thoughts, or seasons greetings. Christmas cards sayings can be bit tired; we have all seen Merry Xmas and a happy new year so many times, we do not even read the greeting, we just glance at it and pop it on the display. Do consider quotes from famous people as an alternative to the traditional Christmas fare. If you look on line there are wealth of sites that give you quotes on most aspects of life or emotions that are applicable to most situations.

Offering Comfort

Sometimes people are not that happy at Xmas, they may be recently bereaved or worried about a loved one, or recently estranged from a partner; verses that tell them how important they are and inspire hope for the future may be a good way to let them know you care at this difficult time, but in general standard merry Christmas card sayings will probably be a little insensitive. Try searching for religious or Christian inspirational poems or sayings; you will also get appropriate biblical quotes that you can pop into your cards for the more traditional aspect of the season and to offer comfort.

The Work Place

The suitability of the quote will depend on the friend or colleague you are sending the card to. Business Christmas cards will be a totally different approach to cards for friends, so whilst you may want your cards to business associates to be sharp and witty do bear in mind that not all your associates may not celebrate Christmas in the Christian ethos, so whilst you need to use this time of year to show them recognition for the value they bring to you professionally, it may be better to err on the side of safety and pop in a motivational quote.

Be Appropriate

There are many quotes that with a little thought and application can be appropriate and snappy for the work place. Great leaders or philosophers have inspired many before us and will inspire many to come. Funny Christmas card sayings might be best left to those nearest and dearest. Unless you really know the person really well you could end up hurting delicate sensibilities by trying to be funny but do search for humorous sayings or poems if you are sure they will be well received.

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Christmas Wishes Are Always Special

What are your Christmas wishes this year? What is that special thing that you’ve been wishing for all year round? Surely there are lots of things you have been wishing for. We’ve been blessed with friends and family who think about us this time of year and that try really hard to grant us our favorite Christmas wish.

The Christmas wish is really within us all year, from January right up to the last day of December. We usually struggle to get what we want, and the beauty of Christmas time is that people around us will help us to get exactly that: what we really want. Is as if we where “allowed” to finally get whatever it is we were wishing for regardless of expense or merit.  A memorable film rejoicing those moments would be the obvious Christmas hit “It’s a Wonderful Life”. In this film George Bailey has a wish that has not been granted… because the “real wish” comes at the end of the film, and it is then that his wish within is granted (to both him and the angel).

So this is the time to think about the others as well. Are you well prepared this year? Got your Christmas tree up? Decor inside the house on display? Outdoor christmas lighting set? Logs near the fire ready to keep you warm…?  Have you yet written down a list of the people you have to send your “merry Christmas wishes” to? Have you got all your greeting cards printed and ready to be sent? Have you look in your mobile phone to check your contacts list and make sure you at least send a Christmas wishes text? There are really cool SMS stylized text for Christmas, every year I receive a few of them and they always bring a big smile! The beauty about sending your Christmas wishes via text is that it is a simple and fast medium. The moment you receive one, you are sending another straight out. It gives a great sense of fulfillment and joy, and pressing that button also brings a smile on us knowing how the other person is going to feel at the end of the satellite line.

Maybe this year you want to send funny Christmas wishes rather than the more conventional and repetitive words. Check online for humorous poems and quotations of all sorts. You could even write them down on your business Christmas cards and take that smile one step further with your clients, customers or work colleagues. Like with everything in life, be diverse and spontaneous. Customize the way you give your Christmas greetings to your loved one, groups of different friends and member of your family. They will most definitely appreciate Christmas wishing done this way as it is very thoughtful. The sense of warmth you will get pays off handsomely in the end!

Merry Christmas.

Printed Christmas Cards

Your printed Christmas cards should be ready every December well in advance, as you are supposed to be sending them out between the 1st and the 15th. Check online for a huge variety of places to choose from: print Christmas cards is big on the net and you shouldn’t have a problem finding a place that fulfills your particular requirements.

The majority of places on the internet take around 7 working days to deliver your printed Christmas cards. If you want to be 100% sure your cards will arrive on time then allow for two weeks. Christmas is a very busy time of the year for posts offices and mail orders in general so expect delays and allow for waiting time. Same goes for when you are ready to send your printed Christmas cards to your friends and family. It is always better that they get their cards earlier than late!

When preparing your cards, do a list of all the people you are sending them to. It is easy to forget if you haven’t got it written on paper in front of you. Make notes next to their names of the type of card and greetings you sent. Also, make note if you sent them custom printed Christmas cards as when you see them you can “add” to the value of the card by telling them how you went about getting it specially printed!

Set yourself a budget and stick with it. Sometimes we underestimate the amount of people we have to send Christmas cards to. That is why it is also very valuable to have a list. You might want have different columns on the list as to separate which type of card is going to whom. Some cards might have to be more “elegant and classy”, others are more the joking type while others might be really romantic and expressive. If your budget allows, have a printed Christmas card ordered for each column in your list. That way you will make people feel really special this year. Only if your budget allows, remember, as it could be an expensive gesture, but in this season everything adds up!

Your printed Christmas cards are all about customization. Design your own fronts and backs or ask the company who is printing them for you to show you different designs you can choose from. Customize your greetings and any images you want to add to your print Christmas card, matching it with the appropriate envelope.

If you are doing your on design on your computer at home, allow for bleeds, document sizes and types of files. Check with the company business who is printing your cards and read all their guidelines. Most of them will have a .pdf ready to be downloaded on their website. If you don’t see one do give them a call and make sure they send it to your email address or, if they haven’t got a printed brochure or .pdf version, discuss the guidelines over the phone (don’t forget to take notes). By not following their rules you could end up with disastrous printed business cards!


-allow plenty of time to order your printed business cards and expect delays

- make a list of all the friends, family and colleagues you are sending you cards to.

- If budget allows, custom design different type of cards taking care of colors, greetings and both covers (front and back).

- If you are creating the design yourself, read the printing company guidelines before sending them the work.

Good luck with your printed Christmas cards and Merry Christmas!

Business Christmas Cards

Millions of business Christmas cards are sent every year as a thoughtful gesture to companies’ clients. A well thought of business Christmas card will improve your sales as customers feel they are being “taken care of”. But companies sometimes use this marketing strategy to very low effect, as they send impersonal and cold Christmas business cards that get piled up with the rest of the junk mail and, eventually, thrown away without a second glance. Let’s have a look at a few guidelines that will help you succeed with your business Christmas greetings cards this year.

The first thing you should keep in mind is to remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Sometimes, a general greeting does the job nicely without having to add the word “Christmas” on your card. There are many saying you could add to your business Christmas cards that don’t involve mentioning this very particular festive word or other words that relate to it. Still, be thoughtful when mailing your cards and give them a “company personal touch”.

Portray your business accurately in your cards by using the appropriate logo, corporate colors and fonts. You want your clients to “recognize” your business straight away and give them the warm feeling of having been remembered. Take care of the design you choose for this season. Be general but affectionate, incorporating within your business Christmas cards all your branding and marketing strategies.

Timing is a key factor. It is a well known fact that Christmas cards should be sent between the first and fifteenth day of the month (December). If you are sending personalized printed cards do order them well in advance (mid-October at the latest). They do take time to be sent to you, so keep that in mind. When posting your business Christmas cards to other business, make sure you find out when their holiday season starts as you could find yourself sending cards to a company that works reduced hours during this time of the year, or worse, or no hours at all!

Being personal is being thoughtful. Treat your business Christmas cards the same way you treat any greeting card you send your friends and family. Personalize the cards with your own signature (or ask a member of your staff), a hand-written envelope and a stamp. Just these three important details will make your card stand out from other businesses that “don’t have the time” to spend on the “little things that don’t matter”. They do matter to your customers as they want to feel remembered and businesses should never forget that.

Display around your office all the different business Christmas cards your company has received this year. It will definitely give a positive feeling to the rest of the staff as well as personally satisfying those who have spend the time and made an effort to send them to you.

Differentiate your business from the others. Send your business Christmas cards thoughtfully and on time, and be one step ahead from the competition. It will be time well spent and an investment for the year ahead. You want your customers to remember you, and they are very much likely to forget if you don’t remember them first!

Ready for your Christmas Greetings this Year?

Another year, another Christmas, another chance to impress with your Christmas greetings. What are your thoughts this time… Christmas card greetings…? eCards? Maybe you want to go for something a little more special? Whatever your choice, let’s have a look at what could be your favorite Christmas greeting sayings this year!

The Traditional Way

Well, it is all about not forgetting your friends, family and people you care for. There is nothing like the traditional Christmas greeting card, printed or handmade. It shows people you have taken the time and effort to find a card that is JUST for them, with dedicated Christmas greeting sayings that are personalized. That has been the traditional way (as opposed to ecards) for a long time and it proves to be the best way of letting them know how much you care!

Christmas Ecards

The advantage of sending Merry Christmas greetings through the internet is the immense variety of choice. Many of these greetings are not available in the retail stores and can be very original. Another advantage is the amount of space for you to write your Christmas greetings; virtually unlimited! You can use them to write personal stories, long messages and much more. It is also easy to find free Christmas greetings on the internet if you are on a tight budget; as usually we find ourselves sending Christmas greetings to a vast amount of people!

Finally, online Christmas greeting cards get updated with fabulous and new designs ALL THE TIME. Opening a link in your email address might not be as personal as receiving your card through the post, but it definitely let’s the person know you haven’t forgotten about them.

Personally, what I do every year is send Christmas greetings cards to the people closest to me and then email others like work colleagues, friends parents and even my landlady! She loves it.

Other Form of Christmas Greetings

If a Christmas greeting card,  ecard or business greeting card is not your thing, try something different this year.

- Personalize your Christmas greetings: send unexpected gifts. Something simple but effective will do (a Christmas stocking, a Father Christmas doll, different kinds of toys, etc)

- Money. Put a little bit of money – it doesn’t have to be much! – into a savings account and put the bank statement in a card.

- Yard sales. You can find literally hundreds of inexpensive little gifts.

- Have a friend who is also a graphic designer? Ask them to design something special this year and create your own Christmas card greetings.

- Create your own Christmas wreath and pin photographs of your family. Display above your fireplace.

Whichever way you decide to go for your Christmas greetings this year, don’t forget to tell people the most important thing of all: how much you really love and care for them!