If you are looking for Christmas plates, whether it is to eat your Xmas dinner off or to add to your collectables or decorate your home, you will be almost certainly looking for something a little unusual or spectacular. Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates are one of the many manufacturers you will probably encounter; decorative dinnerware really says something about your style and to eat off luxurious plates like these is really a rare treat.

To be able to present your guests with amazing food is only one aspect of dinning, to have a truly beautifully laid table full of the most wonderful china tableware is often out of the reach of the average family, so why not start now and begin your collection and lay the foundations of your Xmases to come on the tables of the next generations?

The Classics

What about classics such as Spode Christmas plates are well known and the Christmas Tree plate has got to be such a universally recognised festive pattern, you have probably encountered it along the way. My children adore my center piece plate in the range but they did not realise there is a full range of tableware, all with the beautiful tree and presents. You can purchase just the place mats or gravy jugs and anything in between so if you are looking for a full dinner service to build up over time for a family Christmas table, this enormous range will have something to suit the fussiest eater and will fascinate the children and adults alike.

The Rare, The Popular & The Affordable

Bing and Grondahl Christmas plates have been around since 1895 and are highly sort after; some are extremely rare and really are an investment that only serious craft collectors would contemplate. You can start your collection for a lot less though and if you love the blue designs many auction sites will have affordable platters to adorn your festive table. B & G Christmas plates price ranges are right across the board and really can be an affordable way to begin a collection if you shop online with care. A Copenhagen Christmas plate is certainly a great place to start your collection. Bing and Grondahl was merged into the Royal Scandinavian Group in the late 1980′s; Royal Copenhagen continues the production of many of the most popular and adored Bing and Grondahl collectibles.

A Bareuther Christmas plate beautifully hand-painted with pink flowers may not be your idea of the classic Xmas plate, but G. Johl, the artist, has written on the back “Christmas 1956” so if you do not want the fir tree scenes and are looking for something vintage, more eclectic and in keeping with the theme, this type of Christmas plate may be more to your taste.

A Hummel Christmas plate collection is another superb range often depicting angelic children in various poses that really will delight and add festive imagination to your home. The sets are extensive and a real treat to buy the collector as gifts each year. The beauty being that the prices do fluctuate from year to year so there will always be an item in your price range.

There are also plate sets with themes such as The 12 days of Christmas, these timeless classics look beautiful year after year as they come out of the attic to adorn the walls or sideboard in the dinning room. This year just don’t settle for the paper plates and dishes, but of course do have a fine stock of them in the cupboard, just in case you really do not want to trust the visiting children or tipsy adults with your very beautiful china.

Photo by Le Petit Poulailler **Courtesy of flickr.com

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