Once again it is time to start planning; if the Christmas scene is to be set to perfection there are many areas to consider. Where to start? That is always the question we ask ourselves every year. Christmas scenes wallpaper for the computer or the mobile phone is really not of the utmost importance, so don’t start there! Christmas scenes do add to the general ambience, but, really, there are more pressing things to do.

The Christmas Nativity scene is probably a good place to start; nothing really sets the
Christmas scene in a better way. This year it is a good idea to scour the shops for something more contemporary. We can have the traditional stable, with Mary Joseph and the 3 wise men and baby Jesus as many homes have had for many years. If you are not keen on the traditional style, look for some lovely modern Christmas nativity scenes that would fit much better more trendy or cutting edge home decor styles.

Of course, having made a decision to welcome in new styles, you might find that it proves a much harder task than you realized. It’s always the way, when you do not want something you see it, or worse when the finances are low you are bound to see an eye catching item. That’s why it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Allow yourself lots of time to gather in the Christmas scene and it will be easier on the purse and the planning. Also, you want it to look great as its going to be part of your Christmas pictures!

Traditional Christmas Nativity Scene

Traditional Christmas Nativity Scene – photo credit: watford– Cortesy of sxc.hu

The traditional Christmas Nativity scene depicts the birth of Jesus Christ through the staging of figurines, each representing the arrival of the three wise men and the birth of baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph. The birth of Christmas has its origins in the thirteenth century; while preaching in Rieti, Italy, St. Francis of Assisi was struck by a very cold winter dressed only in rags. He took refuge in the hermitage of Greccio, and it was Christmas 1223 when he thought of depicting the Nativity scene with real animals and humans. This tradition continued for centuries until it is believed that around the fifteenth century, in Naples, the first scene with clay figures was displayed. Christmas scenes became very popular in Spain with king Carlos III, and in America the Franciscans used the scene as an evangelistic method.

If you want to come up with great ideas to decorate your home this year, scour the internet for Christmas scenes pictures. Photo bucket and other areas are worth a look and will give you inspiration. Again you do not have to stick to the traditional snowy Christmas scenes. However a bit of tradition does go a long way, so don’t go overboard on the contemporary stuff. Children do love the classic Christmas scene so try to incorporate some aspects of tradition.