Hope you’ve got your camera ready for your Christmas video this year. Christmas is the perfect time to capture those very special moments as the whole family gathers together. Some of the members of the family live really far away or we just cannot see them that often! Celebrities, film stars and musicians do it too. Every year there are new Christmas videos out on the market, whether they’re clips or shows from the latest comedians to special Christmas events.

Christmas video assemblies are available at many retailer stores. You can find anything from oldies (even back to the 40s and 50s) to the new trends and shows. If there is a particular Christmas video you are looking for but cannot find it, check online and it will be there. Amazon is a great place for buying all sort of themed videos and the prices are usually lower than the high street.

If you are thinking of a Christmas gift video this year, check out the films that were popular the year before. Or the classics; “It’s a Wonderful Life” is always a winner!. The videos don’t have to be themed around the festive season, though. Think Wizard of Oz or Oliver Twist. They are always bound to be a complete success. Any films with Audrey Hepburn (My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany’s) will also be great choices.

A funny Christmas video is always welcome and it adds humor and warmth on a winter night while the whole family gather together watching TV by the fireplace. If you want quick sketches that can be really funny and there’s nothing on TV, search through youtube for funny clips. It is a great alternative to television because you will have control over what is being watched. Different members of the family might have different tastes and ask you for Christmas music videos, or to watch Christmassy clips that other people might have uploaded this year, etc. Also, a good idea would be to do a Christmas video of the whole family (you could all play different film roles, or film them while they play Christmas quizzes), upload it to youtube and show it to the members of the family that could not make it this year. It would be a fantastic surprise and a different touch to just plugging in the webcam (or sending digital photos).

Another good idea would be to interview all the members of the family – documentary style. Think of really funny questions, or something that would make them laugh. There are good editing software programs that are not expensive (you would probably get one when purchasing your video camera). Upload the moving images and create a “mini feature-film” by adding music, voiceover, credits… It is the best Christmas video you could ever watch on the evening of the 25th!