What are your Christmas wishes this year? What is that special thing that you’ve been wishing for all year round? Surely there are lots of things you have been wishing for. We’ve been blessed with friends and family who think about us this time of year and that try really hard to grant us our favorite Christmas wish.

The Christmas wish is really within us all year, from January right up to the last day of December. We usually struggle to get what we want, and the beauty of Christmas time is that people around us will help us to get exactly that: what we really want. Is as if we where “allowed” to finally get whatever it is we were wishing for regardless of expense or merit.  A memorable film rejoicing those moments would be the obvious Christmas hit “It’s a Wonderful Life”. In this film George Bailey has a wish that has not been granted… because the “real wish” comes at the end of the film, and it is then that his wish within is granted (to both him and the angel).

So this is the time to think about the others as well. Are you well prepared this year? Got your Christmas tree up? Decor inside the house on display? Outdoor christmas lighting set? Logs near the fire ready to keep you warm…?  Have you yet written down a list of the people you have to send your “merry Christmas wishes” to? Have you got all your greeting cards printed and ready to be sent? Have you look in your mobile phone to check your contacts list and make sure you at least send a Christmas wishes text? There are really cool SMS stylized text for Christmas, every year I receive a few of them and they always bring a big smile! The beauty about sending your Christmas wishes via text is that it is a simple and fast medium. The moment you receive one, you are sending another straight out. It gives a great sense of fulfillment and joy, and pressing that button also brings a smile on us knowing how the other person is going to feel at the end of the satellite line.

Maybe this year you want to send funny Christmas wishes rather than the more conventional and repetitive words. Check online for humorous poems and quotations of all sorts. You could even write them down on your business Christmas cards and take that smile one step further with your clients, customers or work colleagues. Like with everything in life, be diverse and spontaneous. Customize the way you give your Christmas greetings to your loved one, groups of different friends and member of your family. They will most definitely appreciate Christmas wishing done this way as it is very thoughtful. The sense of warmth you will get pays off handsomely in the end!

Merry Christmas.