If you like the traditional Christmas angel tree topper to pass down the generations and give unlimited joy to your family, you may want to consider Swarovski, who make an annual collectible crystal Angel ornament which is very beautiful as part of the Christmas collection. There are also several regular Christmas ornaments, so for a tree that really sparkles, this may be your choice. Each year they come out with just a few unique ornaments with the year engraved on it.

Establishing Traditions

You could even add new crystal Christmas angels each year, perhaps with crystal snowflakes to also hang amongst the branches. It would leave quite a spectacular collection for your family to share out and would ensure your children and grandchildren had a vintage Christmas angel or other crystal decoration each, to carry the tradition of the Christmas tree angel long after you after you have gone. What a wonderful way to ensure the traditions you started are long lived and your memory becomes a mainstay of the festive season as the tale is retold year after year.

Crafting Christmas

Of course Christmas tree toppers may not have that significance in your family and for you it may be more about using your craft to ensure a new and different cute Christmas angel adorns your family tree each year. You may prefer to make a Christmas star for the top of your tree or any number of other ornaments that you connect with the festive time. It’s amazing what an old egg box a bit of glue and perhaps some tinsel can transform into, and with the range of craft materials in the shops a truly professional finish is easily achieved. You can download Christmas angel patterns to make toppers or Christmas greeting cards to keep the children busy in the run up to the festive period, perhaps writing there own little poems to really personalise the card.  Of course it will all have to be sprinkled with glitter, which you will still be finding in the spring clean.

Alternative Ideas

Be different and daring with the Christmas angel banished to yesteryear and the Gothic or Emo angel taking pride of place. Have a Kylie or Lady Ga Ga angel dancing in your festive season. Or why not dress the tree all in black, with silver lights glittering away. Be a little risqué and have a red Christmas angel to set the tree alight, or perhaps try popping a baby Christmas angel into the Nativity crib. Or why not forgo the traditional tree in favour of an eco solution such as reusable Flat Pack Plywood Xmas Tree; a truly effective and terribly adult alternative, or perhaps a recycled cardboard Christmas tree may be more in your field of vision. There are no hard and fast rules, and if the traditional way is not for you, bring out those Christmas bells and ring in the changes as you set the trend for your very own imaginative ideas.

Sprinkle a little magic with this 15″ animated, fiber-optic angel. Synchronized movement with wings, head and arms.
Price: $24.99
Photo Courtesy of CreativeCommons

swarovski christmas angel

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