The wording of Christmas card messages can convey either a general greeting or a more personal festive message geared to a particular person. You will often look more at the picture on the front of the card than the words inside when you select your Christmas cards; this could reflect the fact you have so many to purchase. When you select your cards for birthdays or other occasions the chances are you put a lot more thought into the actual verse inside as you are only focusing on the one person. It is always a good idea to start purchasing your Xmas greeting cards well in advance to ensure that each person gets the time and thought put into the card that they deserve..

You may find you overlook the Christmas greeting card messages when you purchase boxed sets for general distribution and to be honest when selecting cards for the children to hand out to all in sundry at school the Christmas message probably is not high on your list of requirements. You are probably popping the first funny cards you find at a reasonable price into your shopping basket and rushing to the checkout to pay. There are lots of occasions when a generic “Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year” are in fact more appropriate than a personal greeting. However some cards will need to have a great deal of thought put into them to ensure the Christmas greetings you select are suitable.

Business Christmas Cards

For business you will almost certainly have a diverse client base to satisfy, the chances are you will invest in printed Christmas cards and the verses
will have to be significant whilst fitting the corporate image. As such they will probably have to be fairly ambiguous, anything too religious may offend the sensibilities of other cultures which you certainly will not want. It is however possible to ensure your holiday card messages get the Christian or spiritual theme across in a way that will touch most people. Christmas is a time of hope and with the New Year promising fresh starts Christmas card sayings that reflect a theme such as hope is an excellent idea. Have you considered inspirational quotes to convey your message or for the more creative companies Christmas poems written by or for your company will convey the exact message you require.

Family Christmas Card Messages

When considering which card to choose for an individual family member don’t forget that what suits one will horrify another so your Christmas card message is as important here as ever. There are so many ideas nowadays and nothing delights like a personalised card bought on line. For babies first Xmas you can upload a picture of the little onto the website and the resulting card will become a family keepsake to treasure. Think about when the children were small do you have any pictures of the first nativity play they were in? You could recreate your own nativity scene using photographs of the family, or upload a picture of great aunt Gladys so it appears she is driving Santas sleigh. With new technology you can make each card and the greeting inside special to really make your card stand out from the rest.

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