It’s time to think of Seasons Greetings and other Christmas card sayings and dittos to write the messages in all the cards that you will be sending out to all in sundry this time of year. If you make your own Christmas cards, and you may well want to utilise the new computer technologies and home printers available today. Many of you will be turning your hand to producing your own stylish individual designed offerings and you are probably looking for wording or Christmas greeting card sayings to pop into them to make each one personal but the question is where do you start to look?

Move Away From Tired Greetings

There are many standard Christmas sayings for cards which you can always fall back on but you will probably be looking for inspiration and ideas to convey your wishes in a more original way than just the standard festive thoughts, or seasons greetings. Christmas cards sayings can be bit tired; we have all seen Merry Xmas and a happy new year so many times, we do not even read the greeting, we just glance at it and pop it on the display. Do consider quotes from famous people as an alternative to the traditional Christmas fare. If you look on line there are wealth of sites that give you quotes on most aspects of life or emotions that are applicable to most situations.

Offering Comfort

Sometimes people are not that happy at Xmas, they may be recently bereaved or worried about a loved one, or recently estranged from a partner; verses that tell them how important they are and inspire hope for the future may be a good way to let them know you care at this difficult time, but in general standard merry Christmas card sayings will probably be a little insensitive. Try searching for religious or Christian inspirational poems or sayings; you will also get appropriate biblical quotes that you can pop into your cards for the more traditional aspect of the season and to offer comfort.

The Work Place

The suitability of the quote will depend on the friend or colleague you are sending the card to. Business Christmas cards will be a totally different approach to cards for friends, so whilst you may want your cards to business associates to be sharp and witty do bear in mind that not all your associates may not celebrate Christmas in the Christian ethos, so whilst you need to use this time of year to show them recognition for the value they bring to you professionally, it may be better to err on the side of safety and pop in a motivational quote.

Be Appropriate

There are many quotes that with a little thought and application can be appropriate and snappy for the work place. Great leaders or philosophers have inspired many before us and will inspire many to come. Funny Christmas card sayings might be best left to those nearest and dearest. Unless you really know the person really well you could end up hurting delicate sensibilities by trying to be funny but do search for humorous sayings or poems if you are sure they will be well received.

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