Many people contemplate the idea of getting away during the Christmas holidays. Yes, the season is great to get together with family and friends, but it is also an opportunity to escape from routine and enjoy learning about other cultures and the way they celebrate the festive season.


Why not have a Christmas holiday somewhere evocative in Europe? London, Paris or Madrid are three great choices. In London you could go to Trafalgar Square and enjoy the famous tree that the Swedish offers Britain as a gift. Regent Street is famous for the lights and every year they impress the British people and tourists with better designs and different lighting effects. Into ice-skating? You can ice skate in London’s famous sdfsfsdf House, or in Paris for free, outside the famous City Hall.

The Spanish celebrate their Christmas in a different way. There is the tradition of the Three Kings (los Reyes Magos); which visited Mary and Joseph with gifts for baby Jesus. The parade is the biggest one in the whole of Spain (there is smaller parades virtually on every town and village) and it features the Three Kings who throw sweets and candy to the children.

So, leave your decorations in the Christmas storage boxes this year and head towards these exciting European cities!

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Cheap Christmas Holidays

If you are looking to go away without spending too much money look for different packages online; prices to certain destinies can be really cheap at this time of the year. If you want to get away from the cold weather, then the islands are a great option. The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations as well as European islands (mostly Spain and Greece). Some people prefer to go for something a bit more exhuberant. You can easily find cheap holidays to Dubai (also known as the “shopping capital of the Middle East”), Cairo, Tel Aviv and many other exotic places.

If you are really looking for really inexpensive deals, why not going to that city/area you always wanted to go to but never had the time? Maybe you want to hire a lodge in the mountains, or spend a weekend in New York in an economical hotel. This might be the time to follow that dream and get away from another Christmas at home.


From mid October you can find lots of different Christmas holiday deals through travel agencies and online with lots of variety for you to choose from. Whether you want to go skiing, a cruise, log cabin breaks, or just go abroad to visit friends and family, these places will have something to suit your budget. If you go online you can book the package easily by clicking on the different options. The advantage of doing it online is that you can check literally hundreds of Christmas holiday packages and destinations within just a few hours. Choose the one that fits within your budget and you’re all set for your Christmas holidays at one the click of the mouse!

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