Expense is probably the first thing that springs to mind as Christmas looms on the horizon. In particular this year as the credit crunch affects you in a way you hoped it never would. You will have been impacted by the banking crisis as the rest of the world has. If you are a student or unemployed Christmas jobs will foremost in your mind.

Look for Vacancies

Start looking for Christmas job vacancies as soon as you possibly can. This year in particular there will be lots of people queuing up to get temporary Christmas jobs so it is a god idea to have one eye open at all times, even if you feel it is a little too soon. Remember the old saying; the early bird catches the worm. Whilst Santa Claus jobs may be not what your looking for, you may be a little to young to carry that off, if you are hoping to do this kind of work you will almost certainly need criminal records checks as you will be working with small children. These take time so it is never too soon to start enquiring.

There are usually ample part time Christmas jobs to be had, the Royal Mail usually recruit through the Job Centre so do not forget to check into your local office to see what is available in your area. The Post Office will also need additional staff as the need for stamps and parcels increases greatly at this time of year. Check on line stores as they will also need extra pack and dispatch staff as the rush to fill the Christmas stockings escalates. Argos is a well known high street retailer that really feels the rush over the seasonal period and will certainly be recruiting. Think about checking out your local Garden Centre also, they will be selling Xmas trees and decorations as well as garlands and poinsettia and other festive plants and gifts.

Department Stores and Supermarkets

For Marks and Spencer Christmas jobs get in early again as this is a popular choice for students often the shopping rush starts as early as Halloween or even before. Hours can vary, with the earlier months preceding Christmas being important for training staff so you are up to speed for the busiest periods.

Christmas retail jobs in supermarkets will be advertised locally also, but a quick visit to your local store or a phone call will make sure you have the necessary information to hand when the time to send off your application comes around. Boots are another high street store that will be looking for the best seasonal staff.

Christmas temp jobs will be in great demand this year so it is best to apply for lots in the hope you get at least one offer. Be realistic about your expectations and remember if you are earning a minimum wage you have to factor in travel costs and the time it takes to travel to work. Local seasonal jobs are best as you can be more flexible with your hours.

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