If you are looking for novel Christmas tree toppers to give your tree that wow factor crystal Christmas party decorations may be on the expensive side but for a one off statement for the main focal point of your decoration, such as a Christmas tree topper it is well worth the investment as with care it will keep indefinitely and you will be able to pass it down the generations.

Decorations as Gifts

Angel tree toppers, for Christmas presents are also good ideas as you can really invest some money and thought into the article in much the same way you would a piece of jewellery. The important factor is that it is a keepsake to be used again and again whether it is glass or gold. It does not have to be an Angel of course tree toppers for Christmas trees reflect personal taste, so you may want to buy your loved one an old Disney fairy or other character that will grow in value as it brought out year every year to be the talking point unique to the family tree as they all grow up in its presence.

Do it Yourself

Handmade Christmas tree toppers are another idea to keep the children occupied in the run up to Xmas and Grandma will delight in getting out the Christmas tree toppers, stars fairies and ornaments the little ones have made over the years. Try Michaels a store that have a great range of art supplies and ideas to consider. You may want a country Christmas theme and ideas from the simple angel or bow to the resplendent finial are all available if you look hard enough. Western tree toppers such as rusty tin stars can be made at home, taking care with the safety aspect if it involves the little ones and will bring out the cowboy in you all. Macys is another store worth looking at for ideas on Xmas decorations

New Traditions

Whilst angel Christmas tree toppers may be the standard fare that most of you immediately think of to pop on top of the Xmas tree, with a little imagination and creativity you could start the new family trend by doing something a little different. You could ensure that your ideas go down in history and the seasonal rituals you thought up and instigated will live on in the family for many generations to come. Don’t be limited by convention, introducing new concepts that update the theme or add a new aspect to your family traditions all adds to the sense of belonging.

As we Grow

The teenagers may well be cringing at the Christmas photos and homemade decorations as they are revealed each and every year, but once the embarrassing years are passed they will love the rituals associated with the festive season and happily pass on the established traditions. The family Christmas video will also one day hold fond memories for you all with your old fashioned outfits and hairstyles, so make sure you collect all the memorabilia over the festive seasons to play back on those precious moments when you are together again. Some faces may not be present but the sadness of the passing will be replaced by the joy the new additions to the family bring.

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