What are some good Christmas presents? Good Christmas presents are always the ones that come from the heart and not the size of your wallet. While this is true, in all honesty we all like to receive that special gift we’ve been after for some time;  probably hinting at friends and family how much we really need or like a particular item. So, hearts aside, lets have a look at good Christmas presents that will cost you money but will also earn you the heart of your loved ones!

Here you will find a list of the most popular  gifts; some of them are timeless and others will depend on fashion or certain trends.

Good Christmas Presents for Boyfriends

Traditional presents always work when you run out of ideas, or maybe your boyfriend is the type that likes to receive conventional Christmas gifts every year around the festive season (I know someone who “demands” his new winter socks religiously every 12 months!). Ties, sweets, candy or chocolate, films, music, photo collages, watch, perfume, wine, socks, underware, puzzles, cryptograms, board games (Monopoly is usually the all round winner) or more activity based ones like sports related or backyard lawn games; how about new cornhole bags? An engraved piece of jewlery is always very thoughtful and charming. Compile a CD with his favorite music.

Good Christmas Presents for Girlfriend

Girls are fickle when it comes to presents, believe me. You really have to be thoughtful and no matter how many times she says she doesn’t “really” want anything this year or pushes you to buy her something really inexpensive hear none of it. Spend the time, cash and thought and you will be rewarded handsomely! Romanticism should always be in the back of your mind with any present you are planning to purchase. Sweets, cards and flowers are great companions of any gift. Pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets are some of the jewlery sets you could give your girlfriend. How about getting her something extravagant this year? Some girls dream of a new tattoo but can’t get themselves around actually having it done due to time and money factors. If she really means it but finds that it is a little on the expensive side, you can offer the tattoo as her Christmas present! Cuddly toys, expensive chocolate boxes, cava or Champagne, watches, movies, perfume, toiletries, and, lets not forget one they always love: holidays. Buy two tickets to go somewhere even if its is just for a weekend. Wrap them with Christmas wrapping paper and a lovely bow. She’ll love it. Even if she complaints it costs too much! All these presents will be a winner with her.

Good Christmas Presents for Mom

As we said before, good ideas for Christmas presents come from the heart and mum is most definitely the one we should keep in mind when being thoughtful. Even mums like everything we give them – boy; do they know how to appreciate our little efforts! – it is only fair to spend quite some time looking for something that she will really love. Mums like to receive things they “need” as presents, like a modern sewing machine, a new orange or lemon juicer, a winter coat or warm and cozy slippers! Think about her favorite writer and buy the latest book. Films and food always does it too. A recipe book will be a winner if she likes spending time in the kitchen.If she is a chocolate lover and also likes cooking, a book on how to make personalised chocolates is an original idea.

Jewlery, chocolate, kitchen appliances, cosmetics and personalized gifts are always a good idea. Check to see if she lingers that bit too long over a product in a catalogue or window shop. Whatever it is that she is looking at, she most definitely will want it!

Good Christmas Presents for Dads

Good presents for Christmas are sometimes hard to find; and dads are particularly difficult at times. We’ve all tried our best with expensive pens, socks, toiletries, clothes they might need (shirts, ties, shoes, etc), a new pair of pijamas, mugs, etc, etc, but they usually seem so un-personalized and we try to look for that very special thing that he well love this year. A good Christmas present would be to get him something a bit more adventurous; fun stuff he might always wanted to do (maybe he’s mentioned it at some point?) but never found the time to do it: bungee jump, fencing, archering, paraglading, hot air balloon ride, etc. If everything fails, a nice tie will always do!

Good Christmas presents for friends are sometimes difficult to think of; if you’re not sure what to buy you can always give them a gift card or voucher so they can spend the money on what they really want.

As you can see, there are many good Christmas presents to choose from. Be thoughtful and caring and you will not have to spend a lot of money this Christmas!

photo credit: Canna w – Cortesy of sxc.hu

Always wrap your presents nicely!

Always wrap your presents nicely!

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