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Music and Christmas go hand in and there is a deep-rooted tradition of caroling that accompanies any holiday celebration. Unfortunately, in recent times there seems to be less singing among the family during Christmas, and the familiar site of carolers roaming the snow-covered streets seems to have fallen by the wayside. But there is no reason you can’t bring music and singing back into the Holiday routine, and thanks to new technology you can do it in an exciting way. You might not associate karaoke with Christmas yet, but it’s the perfect way to get the family together to enjoy some of the most popular songs of the season. New karaoke machines for sale can also make great gifts for children and adults alike.

When you buy a karaoke machine for sale you want to make sure that you are spending your money wisely.  There is a lot of competition for your entertainment dollar these days and people don’t have a lot of extra cash to spare, even when searching for the perfect gift.  A karaoke machine is considered a luxury item so you obviously don’t want to waste a lot of time, energy, or money on the wrong product.  The good news is once you find a suitable karaoke machine it will likely last you for several years, or whoever is lucky enough to receive it.  And during Christmas, there is nothing stopping anyone from setting up their new system right after opening their gift for an impromptu singing session. Here is a brief overlook on some of the best products that make great gifts.

Singing Machine SML-383 – this is one of the least expensive karaoke machines you will find on the market and it’s possible to bring one of these models home at around the $50.00 mark.  This is the best basic karaoke machine out there and a great place to start if you are a beginner.  There aren’t many frills as you can imagine from the price, but you get solid performance and decent sound.

Singing Machine STVG-535 – this karaoke machine is always popular around Christmas time and usually sells out if you don’t pick one up fast.  It has a good combination of neat features and an affordable price that makes it one of the most attractive options out there.  For well under $150 you get a machine that comes with great sound, two microphone jacks, and a video camera so that you can record your own performances.

Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStand – more karaoke machines these days come with a way to play MP3 songs or iPod compatibility.  This is one of the best models that has this feature and it will effectively allow you to expand your song library without having to buy any karaoke CDs at all.  This model has a different design from most standard machines and it comes in the form of a microphone complete with a stand where the main system is the base.

EnterTech ED-9000 Magic Sing – this is another model that does not follow the traditional box design.  It is basically a microphone that serves as the entire system so you don’t have to deal with a cumbersome machine.  The main feature of the “Magic Sing” line of karaoke products is you get thousands of songs that are pre-programmed into the system.  That basically means you get everything you need in one box and you can play around with this product for months without having to update your songs.  If you want to expand your collection then all you have to do is buy another song chip.  There is also an option to get this product in a package that comes with two microphones instead of one.

Singing Machine SML-390 – for the last of our karaoke machine suggestions we have decided to list a simple and fun product that the entire family can use.  This is an affordable machine that comes with basic functions like every other model on the list, and the added feature of disco lights.  The lightshow itself will make this a brilliant choice for kids, and you can bet they won’t be able to put it down until well after Christmas is over. They can also take it to their friend’s house for sleepovers or use it for entertaining during their next birthday party.

This information comes from our friends at the karaoke machine guide, and you can consult their website for more detailed reviews or buying options for a great new karaoke machine.

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