Your printed Christmas cards should be ready every December well in advance, as you are supposed to be sending them out between the 1st and the 15th. Check online for a huge variety of places to choose from: print Christmas cards is big on the net and you shouldn’t have a problem finding a place that fulfills your particular requirements.

The majority of places on the internet take around 7 working days to deliver your printed Christmas cards. If you want to be 100% sure your cards will arrive on time then allow for two weeks. Christmas is a very busy time of the year for posts offices and mail orders in general so expect delays and allow for waiting time. Same goes for when you are ready to send your printed Christmas cards to your friends and family. It is always better that they get their cards earlier than late!

When preparing your cards, do a list of all the people you are sending them to. It is easy to forget if you haven’t got it written on paper in front of you. Make notes next to their names of the type of card and greetings you sent. Also, make note if you sent them custom printed Christmas cards as when you see them you can “add” to the value of the card by telling them how you went about getting it specially printed!

Set yourself a budget and stick with it. Sometimes we underestimate the amount of people we have to send Christmas cards to. That is why it is also very valuable to have a list. You might want have different columns on the list as to separate which type of card is going to whom. Some cards might have to be more “elegant and classy”, others are more the joking type while others might be really romantic and expressive. If your budget allows, have a printed Christmas card ordered for each column in your list. That way you will make people feel really special this year. Only if your budget allows, remember, as it could be an expensive gesture, but in this season everything adds up!

Your printed Christmas cards are all about customization. Design your own fronts and backs or ask the company who is printing them for you to show you different designs you can choose from. Customize your greetings and any images you want to add to your print Christmas card, matching it with the appropriate envelope.

If you are doing your on design on your computer at home, allow for bleeds, document sizes and types of files. Check with the company business who is printing your cards and read all their guidelines. Most of them will have a .pdf ready to be downloaded on their website. If you don’t see one do give them a call and make sure they send it to your email address or, if they haven’t got a printed brochure or .pdf version, discuss the guidelines over the phone (don’t forget to take notes). By not following their rules you could end up with disastrous printed business cards!


-allow plenty of time to order your printed business cards and expect delays

- make a list of all the friends, family and colleagues you are sending you cards to.

- If budget allows, custom design different type of cards taking care of colors, greetings and both covers (front and back).

- If you are creating the design yourself, read the printing company guidelines before sending them the work.

Good luck with your printed Christmas cards and Merry Christmas!

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