There is no Christmas without Christmas bells. And around this time of the year, they are about everywhere you go. It is the tradition in most Catholic countries that the church bells ring at all times during the Christmas season. From early in the morning to late at night, it chime having its own meaning.

In the US and other cultures where the Christmas tradition relies heavily on consumerism, we can hear the jingle bells and sleigh bells in shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, restaurants, etc. The concept is still there though. Christmas rings Christmas bells.

The “bell” has also become such an idiosyncratic image of the winter season. We see bells on Christmas cards, candy, ornaments and decorations, bells specifically designed to be put up on the Christmas tree.

There is a history behind the importance of Christmas bells. Bells were used many years ago to “scare away” the bad evil souls that would populate villages at night. Around the autumn and winter time, villagers were given the bells so they could make as much noise as possible, thus scaring the bad souls away. Over the years and after so much bell ringing, people started to associate the noise with good things happening like weddings or christenings. Obviously, the birth of Christ was the most celebrated birth and therefore when bells ring the most.

Christmas bells were also seen as an affordable musical instrument. Instruments were expensive and so people used bells when singing Christmas carols and would also take them to church. Then came Santa Klaus, and all his reindeers would wear tiny little bells called “Christmas jingle bells”. The noise would ward Santa of any danger and also make it to go through the snow.

Sleigh bells are really popular every year, you can buy packs of 50 to 1000 bells starting at around 30$. These bells are fantastic to use as Christmas ornaments, around doors and Christmas wreaths. They are a wonderful symbol of this time of the year, and the sound the produce is just charming and very evocative.

You can also look for Christmas bells lyrics online and send them as a ringtone to people over the holiday season. It is an inexpensive and great way of sending your Christmas greetings this year if you find yourself having to write too many cards!

Bells are one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas and everyone recognizes their universal sound. They are magical, delightful, and have become over the years an essential part of the Christmas tradition.