If you are considering vintage Christmas lights to adorn your home this winter, your head may well be full of the romance of recreating displays from past eras. As you look through the old Christmas photos and see the shinning examples of real candles with actual flames adorning Victorian fir trees, you will probably dismiss this idea as a dangerous impractical solution for your home and you will be correct. Can you imagine the ensuing carnage of having real flames on your tree? Please do consider the insanity of such an idea and look to alternative solutions. There are some effective electric candle lights that look good and will certainly conjure up the image you require for the Christmas video. There are a number of highly practical aspects you will need to consider before you splash out on your old fashioned accessories or purchase your retro Christmas party decorations as well as any indoor or outdoor string lights or any other type of lighting.

Vintage Christmas Tree Lights

You will probably be scanning old photography collections for classic ideas for
old style vintage Christmas light display ideas. Safety has to be your first consideration though and if you are scouring garage sales/yard sales or car boot sales if you are in the UK for original or antique lights you have to be realistic about safety. If you intend to use electrical items you must have a professional check them out for safety. In the case of vintage outdoor Christmas lights you really would be insane to even contemplate such an idea without completely replacing the inner electrical workings of the lights. Consider this additional expense and factor the cost in to your purchases.

You will also need a good supply of vintage Christmas light bulbs to replenish your lights. Remember the modern day lights operate in a totally different way to the old style classics and if one bulb blows you will lose all the lights, so do discuss the options with your qualified electrical contractor to establish what you will need. If a totally new electrical refit means you can use modern replacements you will be in a better position to maintain your display.

Reproductions or Collectables

There are reproductions around so if you are looking for a particular style like vintage Christmas bubble lights it is worth seeing what is available. Take a picture of what you want to achieve shopping with you. Sometimes you can find alternatives that will still give you the required ambience without all the hassle. It may be a more practical solution to collect used non electrical original decorations, like the classic Christmas bells that have the art of the era with none of the dangers. You may find your interest in collectable decorations for the festive period becomes a hobby as your knowledge grows and your interest in the rarer and most collectable items becomes your focus. Older decorations are extremely fragile and often complex in design and home made from cotton or maybe delicate glass. They require a lot of care when being handled and stored. Do not be tempted to pop your best ornaments on the tree if you have a cat that likes to explore the branches or your visitors have unruly children.

Photo by Wonderlane **Courtesy of flickr.com

vintage christmas

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